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Gytis Ceglys
Gytis Ceglys


I am a Lithuanian multi-disciplinary maker of useful, curious and beautiful things. I live and work in London.

app icon design, dashboard design, graphic design, healthcare, illustration, interaction design, logo, mobile, nhs, sketch, software design, ui, ux, web app, web design

  1. Hello, everyone!
  2. Colour palette with names and HEX code sketchapp free downloads download freebies accessibility color palette colors dashboard ui
  3. Error 404 not found moonshine moonlight footprints searching detective sherlock holmes dog night woobro vector branding illustration design 2d illustration 404 error page 404 error 404page
  4. Coming Soon Page page soon coming
  5. Compare Concept dashboard flying compare vector branding design illustration 2d illustration
  6. Logo RAH logo
  7. this web
  8. GC Logo gc logo
  9. Coronavirus Illustration sketchapp sketch vector illustration 2d illustration freebie free bublman bublmanart
  10. COVID19 bulbmanart vector illustration 2d illustration pandemic eyeball bat virus covid 19 covid-19 covid19
  11. Reading download download mockup sketch sketchapp freebie time moon coffee designer artistic illustration art idea eyeball bulbmanart 2d illustration illustration
  12. this cards business
  13. Hypnotherapy download mockup download freebie flowers idea eyeball bulbmanart 2d illustration illustration
  14. UI Elements in Sketch. Free Download. vector dashboard dashboard ui elements ui kit tabs tables ui free sketch freebie free download ux charts ux design
  15. I am an artist. Selfportrait creativity creative selfportrait landing page design website design eye eyeball caffee moon bulb vector artwork art artist 2d illustration
  16. My Valentine illustration vintage yellow red purple eyeball eyeballman art drawing 2d illustration heart love valentines day valentines valentinesday valentine valentine day
  17. Bulbman applepencil ipadpro digitalart artist artistic purple sketch svg free download freebie download mockup download vector illustration 2d illustration bublmanart bublman
  18. Free UX Designer Resume Template (Sketch) curriculum vitae template curriculum vitae design curriculum vitae resume design cv design resume template resume cv template print design design ux freedownload sketchresources sketch sketchapp freebie job application ux designer cv
  19. Girl Using Her Phone at Night single moon stars addicted mobilephone vector girl design illustration 2d illustration
  20. Black Lives Matter illustraion svg download illustration freebie free download sketch resources sketchapp 2d illustration blacklivesmatter black lives matter
  21. COVID 19 freebies bublmanart virus covid 19 covid-19 covid19 covid download freebie vector illustration 2d illustration
  22. Peace art king peace crown eyeball bulbmanart illustration 2d illustration
  23. Eyeballman freebie vector sketch illustration 2d illustration digitalart art yellow blue fingers hand peace sign peace king eyeball
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