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Gytis Ceglys
Gytis Ceglys


I am a Lithuanian multi-disciplinary maker of useful, curious and beautiful things. I live and work in London.

app icon design, dashboard design, graphic design, healthcare, illustration, interaction design, logo, mobile, nhs, sketch, software design, ui, ux, web app, web design

  1. Hello, everyone!
  2. Colour palette with names and HEX code sketchapp free downloads download freebies accessibility color palette colors dashboard ui
  3. Error 404 not found moonshine moonlight footprints searching detective sherlock holmes dog night woobro vector branding illustration design 2d illustration 404 error page 404 error 404page
  4. Dashboard UI for Tablet tablet ux tablet dashboard software design tablet app dashboard dashboard ui
  5. Cryptocurrency Echange UI Design dashboard dashboard ui echange ui design cryptocurrency
  6. Cryptocurrency Echange UI Design dashboard dashboard ui echange ui design cryptocurrency
  7. Coming Soon Page page soon coming
  8. Breadcrumb breadcrumb uxui breadcrumb
  9. Compare Concept dashboard flying compare vector branding design illustration 2d illustration
  10. You are Awesome!
  11. GOKIDS MAP illustration
  12. Logo RAH logo
  13. Review Rating Icons rating icons rating ux rating ui review
  14. Metamorph Pro cryptocurrency crypto website
  15. WOOBRO - Business Cards cards business
  16. Dashboard UI for Tablet software design tablet design tablet app tablet ui tablet ux tablet dashboard dashboard template dashboad dashboard app
  17. Wizard form for mobile app. Step2 ui mobileux ux-ui wizard form wizard mobileapp
  18. Cryptocurrency Portfolio UI Design dashboard ui portfolio ui design cryptocurrency
  19. Cryptocurrency Wallet UI Design dashboard ui wallet ui design cryptocurrency
  20. Management System Report Dashboard dashboard template dashboard design clean simplicity accessibility accessible charts managment management system software dashboard software dashboard ui report design report dashboard report
  21. Homepage Concept blue header website header website header homepage marketing dashboard icon design dashboard ui illustration 2d illustration
  22. Compliance Dashboard for Manager table design charts software software design quality audit quality assurance dashboard design dashboard ui dashboad healthcare
  23. Risk Assessment Report Dashboard ui ux report risk assessment dashboard
  24. Cryptocurrency Wallet UI dashboard ui wallet ui design cryptocurrency
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